From playing in small clubs in their little city on Lake Maggiore, to legendary venues and festivals of big city centres like New York, Milan and London, modern pop/rock band Keemosabe present a sound that is accessible to lovers of energetic grooves, powerful riffs and pop melodies.

Set to release their self-titled forthcoming EP, the Italian band fuse elements of 90’s rock and psychedelic break-downs to create an all-round euphoric, genre-spanning sound that caters for fans of the likes of Kings of Leon and Foals.

Having previously released ‘Stay Awake’ and ‘All is One’ the band are set to release their single ‘Out of the City’ next week on 7th March – a track that reflects the fury and drama of the world’s busiest cities.

Their London dates proved a huge success, selling out both The Islington and Servant’s Jazz Quarters, whilst their popularity in Milan saw them playing the city’s largest venues, including the 3,000-capacity Alcatraz. After recording and mastering their EP at Abbey Road Studios, they were subsequently invited to perform a live show at the fabled Studio One.

With live dates set for both Italy and the UK and their debut album nearing completion, Keemosabe are a name to get to know this year.




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