Swiss sensation Börni (pronounced Boer-ni) is no newbie to the world of pop having worked with global superstars like Sean Kingston and Celine Dion and received huge TV exposure. Despite having a repertoire enough to make anyone jealous, her genre has always been hard to pin down as she’d worked her way through pop, emo and hip hop styles. Even though she seems to have done it all, she’s still got a lot to give and says her new single ‘New Heights’ is the music she’s always dreamed of creating, marking a new beginning for her career.

Börni discovered her passion for music at a young age singing in gospel choirs and playing the violin and piano. In 2007, she completed in the national Swiss show ‘Musicstar’ which led to her attaining her a record deal with Sony Music, allowing her to go on to release two successful albums and make the Swiss top 10. She then began to take over America, created her alto ego ‘Vava Voom’ and teamed up with supergroup The Aristocrats and producer Sean Kingston to release her hit single ‘Supersonic’. She proved to be a huge hit in the US and Europe and landed brand partnerships with G Shock and Adidas.

All of this experience led to her feeling that her real self still remained hidden so she decided to rebrand and share her unique style with the world. Her new single ‘New Heights’ is her debut as the true Börni and we just can’t stop listening. It’s sure to be a hit with fans of major hip hop and pop frontrunners like Lizzo and Doja Cat due to it’s effortlessly cool urban style, infectious electro pop beat and catchy lyrics.

Börni has proved herself as one to watch this year and we can’t wait to see what she has to come. Make sure to check out her new single and keep an eye on her social media as we can guarantee this isn’t the last you’ll hear from her.





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