We often assume that any smash hit we hear must have been the artists’ original version, right? Well, as we’ve found out, that isn’t always the case.

Whether a cover only makes minor adjustments to the song, or goes above and beyond what the original artist intended, there is clearly an art to taking what someone else has created and turning it into even more of a masterpiece. As the name suggests, in this series we will be exploring all things in the world of covers. So lets’ kick off with 3 songs by female artists that you probably thought were originals, but were actually first recorded by someone else!

1.) Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

Can you believe it? This worldwide hit was actually not an original by Natalie herself. It was in fact written in 1993 by the alternative rock band Ednaswap. It was then covered in Danish by Lis Sørensen, and by the American-Norwegen singer Trine Rein, before finally falling into the hands of the Australian pop artist. It may not be her original, but I think you’ll agree, she totally made it HER song.

Listen to the original:

2.) Toni Basil – Mickey

Not only was this iconic 80s hit not an original, but it also had a different title! Written by the British pop quartet Racey in 1979, the song was named after a girl called ‘Kitty’. However, it was then changed to ‘Mickey’ by the American singer Toni Basil in 1981 and her version became a substantial UK hit. Kitty who?

Listen to the original:

3.) Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

You might be shocked to hear that this feminist attitude anthem was originally written by a man, yes a MAN. It was first recorded by the American musician Robert Hazard in 1979, but four years later Cyndi’s version was released, blowing the original out the water and becoming one of her signature songs. Oh Cyndi, dear, you know you’re still number one.

Listen to the original:

Can you think of any more famous female covers? Let us know!

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