Whilst some musicians may look to predictable approaches and stick to one particular musical stream, New Mexico-born songstress Jessica Victoria defies convention at every stage, exploiting both her classical training and singer-songwriter credentials and finding lyrical and thematic influence from Arthurian mythic history! Jessica Victoria’s album Songs of The Summer Realm has a little something for everyone, transporting the listener to a different time and place, while instilling ideas and ideals which remain incredibly relevant.

Take a sneak peek into what Jessica Victoria’s upcoming album will be like with one of the lead tracks, The Passing of Arthur.

Ahead of her album release on the 1st of May, Jessica has shared a clip of some secrets behind the songwriting process, below she begins to show us how she begins a composition with writing harmonic material. Keep an eye out for the next video where Jessica will incorporate how she uses braille in her songwriting process.

Watch Part 1 here – more videos to follow!


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