You have to appreciate music fans it takes a lot of our grey matter to come up with headlines this good and we only really go to such an effort when we think there is the talent to match so it grabs your attention and drives into your laughter buds and makes you think, ‘Hey This Beau guy must be something special if they have caught our busy brain cells attention with a wittastic headline like that’ . So go on tell you more is that what you are saying well we will do that and we will do that right now…..actually not right now as I have to emblazon my faze with some stick on stars, reach into the back of my aunt’s shoe cabinet, yes she has a shoe cabinet, and find her wonderful classic Bowie style platform shoes , the ones with the purple and red stripes , and then get my mp3 to vinyl converter and finally fit my mirror ball to my ceiling and yes I am all ready to tell you about Beau Bowen. And what better place to start than his music , here you are have a gander at these.






Soundcloud for A Rock ‘N’ Roll Story



Cosmic guitar hero; glam overlord; star child in flares – Beau Bowen is all of these and far more. His effortlessly groovy, melodically colossal songs have stepped straight of out of classic 70s top ten singles charts…or maybe the 60s…or the 80s…or…

Part of Beau Bowen’s genius is that his music manages to evoke some of the iconic names of musicians from across the decades, from Bowie to Bolan, from Prince to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, whilst retaining a sound which is immediately his own. If you ever dared to dream the phrases ‘prog’ and ‘glam’ would become cool, the waiting is over. Beau Bowen is your new hero.

Hailing originally from Australia, Beau Bowen is now firmly based in London, his lair festooned with flares, sequinned capes, feathered caps and boots requiring a step ladder to get into but most importantly, the base from which his extraordinary music is born. His gift for lyrics and melody is matched by a prodigious talent for guitar-playing, his virtuoso Fender Strat outbursts aided by a passion for vintage gear, minimoogs and an array of flashy pedals. With heavy doses of psychedelia mixed into his sound, it’s rare that a fully-fledged rock star emerges from the firmament but with Beau Bowen, it’s difficult to imagine a more complete article.

Beau Bowen’s debut opus is entitled, with typically tongue-in-cheek style, The Great Anticlimax, the title track from which is the forthcoming single. Alongside other key tracks, such as the debut single, A Rock ‘n’ Roll Story, The Great Anticlimax is a REAL album, with heart-breaking tales of a failed romance with a stripper; heart-warming stories of true romance with a stripper and an invitation to be dazzled by the mysteries of his glitter volcano of a brain. Recorded using vintage synths, it was produced by Miles James (Tom Odell); was mixed by 5-times Grammy Award-winner Jimmy Douglass (Led Zeppelin; Roxy Music; Timbaland) and mastered by Grammy-winner Mike Bozzi (Kendrick Lamar; Tupac; Childish Gambino).

Now do us all a favour and rush to your local record shop and buy his music…..errrr…we’ve gone to far now we are going to have a lie down.

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