Back with new single Smiling Assassins, MASK are here to remind us of their ability to perfectly capture that Beatles-esque charm, whilst maintaining a super fresh sound.

Biting guitars and punching organs, accompanied with H’s deep yet smooth vocals make for a Bluesy-Rock track comparable to Miles Kane and Arctic Monkeys.

After suffering a loss in Belfast last year, MASK leader H Humphrey took some time out and escaped modern civilisation for Peru. Refreshed and inspired, he recruited producer Michael Mormecha to jump on board and help create a new MASK record.

And that was how the magic happened. A single with a truly unique feel, the track was inspired by the tale of a friend’s betrayal by someone close to them. Add a few embellishments here and there, and you’ve got yourself the catchy yet cheeky single that is Smiling Assassins.

Watch the Smiling Assassins video below

Led by the talented H Humphrey (guitars/vocals), along with his life long friend Craig (guitars/vocals) the two are far from your typical rockers. Working dads who proudly declare themselves unapologetically uncool, the duo have an honest and authentic feel to their brand and sound.

With plenty more Music to come from the relevantly titled MASK, these two are NOT to be missed.


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