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Music Review

Guitarist and Singer Robyn Wilson Releases New Single ‘Love Songs to Myself’

Singer Robyn Wilson is releasing her new single ‘Love Songs to Myself’ on 4th June. The song follows the success of her last single, ‘Hotel Room’, which came out in the summer of 2019. The song is filled with Robyn’s unique vocals and pop style, with lyrics that give testament to the importance of self-love....

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Industrial rock artist Nivid to release single ‘Mazhab’ along with new music video

Industrial rock artist Nivid is set to release the single ‘Mazhab’ along with a new music video on the 11th of June. The song has been taken from their 2019 album Mernã. The title Mazhab translates to ‘religion’ from Urdu, with the track providing a searing condemnation of organised religion accompanied with a musical style...

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Singer Jade Moss Releases New Single ‘Only U’

Singer Jade Moss has released her brand new single titled ‘Only U’. The song is warm and upbeat, with sounds that are sure to take the listener straight to the 60s. ‘Only U’ will be part of Jade’s upcoming EP and follows her hit single ‘Hey Babe’. Jade launched into her singing career shortly after...

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Winchester 7 & The Runners unleash fuzz-rock anthem ‘When the World Stops Spinning’

What better way to get you through the Tuesday blues than listening to an unforgettable fuzz-rock number!? We can’t think of anything better! Winchester 7 & the Runners are the garage-rock band that you need in your life. Stomping their way through mesmerising instrumentation and fuzz imagery, their new single ‘When the World Stops Spinning‘...

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This is ‘The One’ track you need in your life!

Singer-songwriter Abraham Trai releases debut single ‘The One‘, and it’s super special. A debut single always needs to stand out from the crowd, especially the oversaturated music industry today, and Abraham’s debut lives up to any expectations you might have had. Inspired by the likes of soulful singers such as Adele, Sam Smith and Lewis...

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Hip-hop icon Reigno announces vibrant EP “Content with Crazy”, out May 7th

One-man machine Reigno is back with his latest single ‘Three Fours’, which is taken from his forthcoming EP ‘Content with Crazy’. A heroic performance from start to finish that blasts through with raw adrenaline and thunderous instrumentation, ‘Three Fours’ is not for the faint-hearted. If you’re into artists such as Dr Dre and Hopsin, this...

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New Zealand based project LearningToDive releases post-punk infused album ‘Norwegian Pop’

A debut album needs to grab your attention from the get-go, and that’s exactly what ‘Norwegian Pop’ does. Bringing you up to speed, LearningToDive is the solo project from New Zealand based musician Bravo Bonez. Influenced by the prominent 80’s movement, the project explores personal, political, and societal themes throughout. Released on April 2nd, the...

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Singer-songwriter Victoria Hoffman releases indie infused number ‘Hopeless Love’

Nottingham based artist Victoria Hoffman captures the heart of indie-folk in her latest release ‘Hopeless Love’. Her third single to date comes ahead of her debut album, which is to be released in Summer. Nigeria born, Victoria actually grew up in Greece before moving to the UK. Using her tasteful influence of different cultures, Victoria’s...

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J Carlyle releases highly-praised single ‘Intruder Alert’

Emily Lindsell J Carlyle’s new single ‘Intruder Alert’, released February 5th, has already accumulated huge amounts of praise from listeners and critics alike, with BBC Introducing dubbing the track an “Absolute Banger”! J has been involved in the musical scene since the young age of 15, when he started writing his own songs in-line with a few of the different genres he enjoyed. The influences of these genres have stuck with J as he has begun to release his own music – dancehall, R&B and grime to name a few! Incorporating these styles into his own creations has lead to J feeling as though he’s finally found his place within music, releasing tracks that he was born to make and put out into the world. However, the influences of genres he grew up around aren’t the only thing that can be clearly heard through his music. J has such a positive outlook on life that he’s now bringing to his music as his tracks ooze positive vibes and feel-good tempos, something that is influenced from his ..

How Travel Photography Keeps Our Adventure Spirits High In A Lockdown

2020 was not a great year for travel. Cursed by a global pandemic, summer holidays, new destinations and international explorations were well and truly off the cards. With travel restrictions in place for the last 12 months our appetite for new experiences, places and people has grown immensely. The adventurer in us all has suffered greatly, leaving many down in the dumps and craving the joys of travel. A shining light in all this doom and gloom, and our knights in shining armour, are the travel photographers sharing their works with the world. Keeping our spirits high, travel photographers allow us to experience the wonders of the world through the lens of a camera. Perhaps the best part of travel photography is the way it takes us around the globe in a matter of minutes. We can see art shows of Peru, the streetlights of Singapore and the zoos of Mumbai all whilst sitting at our desks. If only real travel was so quick and easy! Travel photography reminds us of all the incredibl..