Upcoming album from talented composer Rael Jones is set to tug at your heart strings. Titled Mother Echo, the project soundtracks Rael’s final days with his mother.

An album as beautiful as it is devastating, Mother Echo is set to be released on a day of significance to Rael Jones – the 5 year anniversary of his mother’s passing. Latest album from Rael is a ten track project written for piano and string quartet, a masterpiece that is truly moving and emotive for any listener.

Rael Jones is a talented composor and multi-instrumentalist who is best known for his scores on popular film and TV.

Having had his scores on TV programmes such as Harlots and The Salisbury Poisonings, as well as films including My Cousin Rachel, starring Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin, Rael Jones is one of the most inventive and skilled British composers in the current industry.

Mother Echo is a more personal insight into this incredible classical composer; a vulnerable and emotional project that lays all bare for the listener. Reflecting on death, grief and a childhood with his mother, Rael Jones is set to bring us his most honest and raw project yet.

“This is a deeply personal album for me. I’m attempting to translate emotions and life events into musical structures. My mum was in a car crash when I was six. She spent a lot of time after that in bed with whiplash and presumably depression. I was terrified she wouldn’t be there anymore. For instance, she asked me, ‘would you rather have a mummy in bed like this or not have a mummy at all?’

The artwork is based on a recurrent nightmare I had around this time – I’m alone in my house being dragged inexplicably towards a strange figure – death in human form. It touches my shoulder, our feet lift off the ground, and we fly through the lounge, past my gathered relatives and out of the bay window….at which point I wake up. The cover shows what lies past that window. It’s not so scary after all”

The album soundtracks his mother’s last days, death and memories. Mother Echo truly takes you on a journey, depicting a story that is sad yet true. Rael explains:

We scattered my mother’s ashes in the river at a place called ‘The Valley of Desolation’ (track 9).

We placed old passports in her coffin to assist her on her metaphysical journey, as she would have it (track 10), and so on and so on

This emotion charged project is set to tug at our heart strings, while the powerful album firmly establishes Rael Jones as an incredible storyteller and composer.

The team behind Mother Echo: Piano – Rael Jones
1st Violin – Sara Wolstenholme
2nd Violin – Marijie Johnston
Viola – Michael Gurevich
Cello – Brian O’Kane
Recorded in The Hall at Air Studios by Engineer Fiona Cruickshank
Mixed by Al Green
Mastered by John Webber at Air Studios
Artwork drawings by Sam Warren
Artwork post-production by Ben Wren

Grab some tissues, you’ll be needing them, Mother Echo is set for release on 17th November.

In the meantime, find follow and support Rael Jones.


Written By: Jessica Rowe

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