London-based hip-hop artist Claudio Elliston (known under the pseudonym Cloudy Clouds) has recently released his fourteen-track debut album ‘Imprisoned In A Daydream’. The fresh hip-hop tracks follow heavy doses of self-deprecating humour, serious themes of social commentary, romance, pipe-dreams and night life in an entertaining mix of humour and music.

Believe it or not, the hip-hop artist is in fact a Mensa-member (a person whose IQ is in the top 2% of the country) but despite his braininess, Cloudy Clouds sticks to his passion of making music. Taking influence from artists such as Eminem, Lupe Fiasco and Sha Stimuli, Cloudy Clouds strives to stray away from the false, glamourous reality typically portrayed by rappers and instead, writes honest lyrics with witty British humour thrown into the mix.

Though following comedic themes, the album also focuses on a number of raw issues too. ‘Your Future Daughter’, for example, discusses UK drug laws with great honesty. Another daring track, ‘Calling Round’ captures the story of a terrorist attack from the perspective of the victim, bystander, radicalised cleric and attacker.

Released on 29th September, the debut album ‘Imprisoned In A Daydream’ was released the same day as his new single, ‘One Night’. Using comedic commentaries and sharp wit, Cloudy Clouds’ debut record displays levels of accessibility, honesty and individuality.






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