For his fifth studio album Coloring of Life, Apostolos returned from London to the haunting Grecian landscapes where he grew up to create, orchestrate and produce this latest electronic-classical opus with his own record label, Apoapsis Records. These 2 tracks offer a glimpse into an album where each piece is richly layered with analogue synthesisers and orchestral sounds, strings, pianos, percussion, drum rhythms and sensational choirs. Such varied elements brought together to create rich harmonies may come directly from his classical influence and the rare, baroque compositional technique of ‘counterpoint’; melodies exist independently, yet interact with each other to create a powerful, 3-dimensional feel.

The Greek Electronic-Classical Composer Who Never Learnt to Read Music

With the view from his studio welcoming wonders such as the suspended ‘Meteora’ geological formations, it’s no surprise that Apostolos’ mind couldn’t help but generate 16 atmospheric tracks of dazzling sounds and emotions. Remarkably, the album’s lead track Shapes and Shadows was recorded with classical violinist, Emile Junge, in just one take.


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