The timing couldn’t be better for a spiritual and uplifting series of compositions that aim to create a thought provoking ambience amongst all that hear them and so we say a great big thank you to the classical composer Mustafa Khetty as not only is he creating new music that helps us transcend fear but he is also aiming to keep classical music alive during this dreadful time. So read on and get involved, download, stream and engage in what this great man is doing.

Mustafa is reaching out to classical musicians wherever they are located in isolation, giving them the separated audio tracks along with the written music for each instrument and asking them to record their part for the track, before he then puts them all together in production, forming the sound of a full orchestra. Mustafa is now also requesting that classical musicians who are out of work contact him if they would like to get involved with the project:

Listen to Solace performed Using Synthesised Instruments here:

This is the kind of spirit we need in order to bring classical musicians together and how strange it should be from a relative newcomer, but when you dig deeper and look into his back story you will understand that Mustafa has never taken an issue lying down. He has faced up to problems head on, given the belief by his ability, if the rumours are true, of when he started out in his pre-music career by working in the cut-throat world of financial trading , he rapidly turned his $40 into many millions. So if that doesn’t inspire you what will?!

Anyway, less of my chat , let’s read what the man himself has to say from when I chatted with him –

Mustafa explains:

“Solace for Humanity is an experiment to invite instrumentalists and vocalists to re-record parts as well as play individual parts with improvisations from their home studios. Ideas would be incorporated into a longer overture. It’s about exchange, collaboration, co-creation and sharing. Lockdown isn’t lockout, our lives are in our heads, we live in thought. Creativity, idea generation, imagination is the hallmark of our being. The coronavirus has made us truly digital natives cruising in uncharted terrain, realigning our work and engagements”.

Come on everyone , Come Together as the Beatles once said and have a listen to the links below and support him in his efforts.






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