Having recently released a haunting piece of music entitled Requiem for New Zealand in memory of the lives lost in 2019’s terrorist massacre in Christchurch, composer Mustafa Khetty is shortly to release his latest work but is calling no musicians and creatives worldwide to assist.


Although classical music is suffering more than many forms at the moment, given the reliance on musicians to work in large numbers and in close proximity, Khetty has seen beyond this to the wider picture. With technology allowing collaborations irrespective of geography and language, Khetty is keen to encourage a joining of forces rather than isolation and division.

The composer himself explains:

“Solace for Humanity is an experiment to invite instrumentalists, vocalists and lyricists to play individual parts with improvisations and to sing and write lyrics from their home studios. Ideas would be incorporated into a longer overture. It’s about exchange, collaboration, co-creation and sharing. Lockdown isn’t lockout, our lives are in our heads, we live in thought. Creativity, idea generation, imagination is the hallmark of our being. The coronavirus has made us truly digital natives cruising in uncharted terrain, realigning our work and engagements”.

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