Dark cabaret band Feline & Strange have released a new music video for “Can’t Breathe” – the lead track from their upcoming album Trigger Warning which is being released on the 4th April.

It’s an orchestral, dark breakbeat about mental pressure, social toxicity and self-hate. It encompasses the overall theme of the album which manifests itself across all 13 tracks: “I’m not in control”. It’s the realisation that everything we think we can control – our future, our relationships, our health, our reality – has slipped out of our reach. A theme that’s particularly poignant in relation to the issues we face today. How much can we really do to control wars, virus outbreaks, or climate change?

On the other hand, Feline & Strange are avid believers that although they can do little to help these issues, our politicians and governments can. They’ve teamed up with organisations like XR before, playing at their demonstrations in Leipzig and Berlin, and they plan to do more in the future.


If you like “Can’t Breathe” then it’s a safe bet that you’ll love the album. The production of Trigger Warning demanded everything of the band: all their energy, emotions and all their sincerity. Thus, a voracious monster was created. The album is called Trigger Warning for a reason – the songs show no mercy, displaying a frighteningly powerful assault of piano-heavy cabaret punk and rugged electronic dark wave, through the abysses of mankind: the knee-jerk alarmism regularly seen across social media; climate disaster; Queer issues and mental health struggles.

It’s about war, despair, rape, abuse, hatred,
exclusion, depression, discrimination, climate disaster, madness and suicide
Feline subtly suggests.

Together with their new drummer Rah Hell (filling the boots vacated by Nine Inch Nails/Dresden Dolls/Violent Femmes drummer, Brian Viglione), the band traveled to Seventh Wave Studio in the US where they recorded the previous three albums. Trigger Warning will be released digitally as a download version and as reduced version on all major streaming services.

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