Another exciting release this week as we see Brighton-based singer Laura Mitchell stepping up to the stage with single ‘Killing Time’. Written by John Young, this single has the stunning combination of Laura Mitchell’s emotional vocals laced into the heartfelt lyrics carefully penned by Young – making this a true ear worm bound for greatness.

“I didn’t see this coming or work towards it… Singing other people’s songs, I become someone else. It’s nice for me to become vulnerable again with a chance to show off the softer side of my vocals.”

– Laura Mitchell

On first listen, you could easily mistake Laura’s ‘Killing Time’ for a track performed anytime from the 1960s onwards, possessing a timeless quality which evokes comparisons to classic artists from the golden ages of music. When the opening line, “I was never the girl for you” popped into songwriter John Young’s head on a long flight from Australia to England, he couldn’t let it go, and upon his arrival in the UK, he knew he needed to find the right singer and pianist for the track.

The musical cavalry arrived in the form of pianist David Bennett, who nailed the bluesy-jazz feel, and in singer Laura Mitchell, who brought about the raw and wholehearted emotion.

‘Killing Time’ is set to be released over the next couple of weeks, however you can check out Laura’s social media pages in the meantime:





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