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Longing of lounging in a hammock with a cocktail in hand, listening to nostalgic, catchy indie-pop that makes you feel like the main character of a coming of age movie? Look no further than the dreamy soundscape of London-based Franco-American Théa Marie’s new single ‘Start of Us’. With rich, hazy vocals and touching lyrics, reminiscent of legends like Billie Marten, Norah Jones and The Cardigans, you’re sure to have this track on repeat this summer and beyond.

Théa was raised in Cannes, France to a French father and American mother before pursuing the dream of many young people and studying in New York. Finally, she found herself settling in London and then graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Performance. Alongside her bandmates, Julianna Hopkins (drums) and Peter Napper (guitar), they have carefully crafted their stunning ‘retro-soul’ sound, inspired by the theme of nostalgia that runs through their upcoming album ‘Then’.

Speaking of the journey towards completing the album, Théa explained:

“It’s all about being reluctant to grow up because childhood memories are so appealing and simple. Every song relates to a memory or emotions that have led me to feel bitter about growing up and being nostalgic for those more innocent times. For example, Sleepy Summer is about not wanting summer to end and dreading to have to go back to work; Don’t Walk Away was inspired by a dream where I was telling my younger self not to abandon me; Times of My Life is about pleading to bring back the simplicity of my childhood to my present. Most of the songs were written and inspired by my shift to becoming independent”.

Théa Marie

If the comforting, addictive sound of ‘Start of Us’ is anything to go off, we can’t wait to see what Théa Marie has up her sleeve for the new album, set to be released on August 28th. Creating the ideal soundtrack for reminiscing on the simplicity of yesterday or channeling that longing for happier times into make new memories, Théa Marie invites you to reflect, learn and grow throughout a musical journey guided by her stunning vocals and relatable lyrics.

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