Growing up in West London in the 2000’s, 23-year-old Prime Sinister (Farhaan Aziz) was inspired by iconic album’s such as Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Boy In Da Corner’ and ‘Illmatic’ from Nas, which paved the way for Prime Sinister to cultivate the potential of hip-hop when combined with his innovative lyrical expression. The birth of a new style is represented in Patient Zero’s artwork, which depicts a hailed new-born being the source of light.

His new concept album ‘Patient Zero’ takes place in an alternate universe, where the language is ‘syllablism’, which is actually a unique rap style the Prime Sinister has created for the album. Prime Sinister has already released 6 music videos for tracks on the album, already receiving over 90,000 views.

The latest video: Metaphor

The all-star production behind Patient Zero includes Baileys Brown, Leaf Dog, Badhabitz, Illinformed, Muckaniks, Chemo, GhostTown, Sean Peng, Morriarchi, Harvey Gunn, Ded Tebiase and Farmabeats. Prime Sinister’s album, Patient Zero, is one which feels destined to become a milestone in the genre.






Watch Farhaan’s Award-Winning Documentary here:

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