Check out the traditional shanty ‘ Lime Scurvy’ music video:

El Pony Pisador (The Prancing Pony – a Lord of the Rings reference!), are the folk-fusion group from Barcelona that are about to explode onto the UK folk music scene. The band has not let their hometown’s distaste for folk music stop them from getting their music out there in creative ways, from creation of funny meme videos featuring their instruments to playing a concert to an audience of goats! Completely innovative in their own region and country, the group is one of the first groups to sing sea shanties in Catalan, the first group ever to write a yodel song in Catalan, and the first Spanish group to feature Tuvan throat singing. Moving away from the hostile attitudes towards folk music in Barcelona, the band now embark on their first ever UK tour in March.

El Pony Pisador

A frenetic and fun trip through music from all over the world, El Pony Pisador treat you to a mix of many folk elements on their new album Matricular Una Galera, which was released at the end of last year. The musical styles featured include, traditional tunes from Ireland to Bulgaria, shanties, yodelling, Tuvan throat singing, bluegrass – to name but a few!

You can listen to the whole album on most streaming platforms – although I recommend YouTube so that you can watch the fun and eye-pleasing animation video to the songs! Listen to Daglarym that features haunting tuvan throat singing.

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