As a big fan of ‘vibey’ electronic music (I spend a lot of my time listening to tunes on Majestic Casual), when I first heard Glass Cristina it was an instant love affair, at Indie Crush, we’ve had a crush on them ever since!

The new single Kings Of Nowhere is nothing short of a work of art. I slow builder the track starts by setting the scene with the atmospheric sound of a stream rolling over some rocks before a signature analogue soft pad drifts into play with some delicate octave apart vocals. Reminiscent of fellow soulful electronic pioneers, Jungle, the track soon brings in a pulsing beat underlying dappled guitar, arpeggiators and samples setting the scene for an atmospheric and yet also catchy, funky bop that sticks in your mind well after the first listen.
I implore you to listen to their back catalogue – since signing with Spanish indie label giants Blanco y Negro the band have been going from Strength to strength and are surely set to blow up imminently, be a hipster like me and love them before they were famous!

Listen to the new single ‘Kings Of Nowhere’ below

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