Théa Marie harmoniously brings together a whole range of genre influences, through her diverse multicultural heritage, with roots stemming from France to the US and now the UK.

Théa’s story begins in France, where her French father and American mother raised her. Fast-forward some years and Théa made the move to the big apple to study for one year, before flying across the pond to pursue her passion for music in London and this is where she still resides today. As a student of the Institute of Contemporary Performance (and now graduate), Théa formed two strong musical friendships with current band mates, Julianna Hopkins, half French and English (on drums) and Peter Napper, American (on guitar), setting even stronger international foundations and paving the way for solid forthcoming album, “Then”, built upon her past:

It’s all about being reluctant to grow up because childhood memories are so appealing and simple. Every song relates to a memory or emotions that have led me to feel bitter about growing up and being nostalgic for those more innocent times. For example, Sleepy Summer is about not wanting summer to end and dreading to have to go back to work; Don’t Walk Away was inspired by a dream where I was telling my younger self not to abandon me; Times of My Life is about pleading to bring back the simplicity of my childhood to my present. Most of the songs were written and inspired by my shift to becoming independent”.

With a few original tracks already out in the open for all to hear, often reverting from English to French in song (See below) and a range of live covers by the likes of Etta James and Amy Winehouse, oozing soulful blues to Dua Lipa’s 80’s retro pop and Taylor Swift’s nostalgic ‘Red’ days, Théa oozes talent and boasts the ability to effortlessly combine an eclectic mix of sounds.

So, it seems Théa isn’t afraid to cross genre boundaries, describing her unique art as “retro-soul”, giving us a delightful glimpse in to what’s to come for the emerging star. Watch this space!

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