London is a hive of complexity, isn’t it? Growing up in such a place forces a personal journey growing up to be an acute one – as you navigate what lays in front of you and absorb the mismatch of culture that surrounds you. For Amey St. Cyr, that culture was house music. Back in the early 90’s, Amey St. Cyr had been sailing towards the sunset and mere fingertips away from a record contract. As a musical performer in the past she’s already worked alongside acts such as Thompson Twins’ in Babble; Baby Ford and Audio Deluxe both touring and in the studio. Now, she’s back to concentrate on her first break-out solo effort through single ‘Wild World‘.

With her reputation soaring after a number of successes, personal reasons left her completely unable to commit to the rigours of being able to regularly perform. From an extended period of hiatus – not only raising her young family, but also overcoming personal afflictions, she has returned to house music to pick up where she left off, releasing ‘Wild World‘ – an uplifting anthem for overcoming strife, using positive beats and uplifting lyrics to help people out of challenging days of social inequality.

With an icy cool build up, images immediately conjured of a desolate, austerity laden cityscape are swept to one side with nothing more simple than a smile. As Amey portrays eloquently and triumphantly, the message here is simple – ‘Keep believing, keep up the fight, keep up your faith and integrity‘. It’s an idea that resonates acutely with her own personal journey. Having overcome her own personal hardships in recent years, it serves as a kind of musical articulation of the thrill and energy harnessed years before while sneaking out to nightclubs at an early age. ‘Wild World‘ is a perfect reflection of Amey’s positive outlook on life and a welcome reminder of club life in the early 90’s.

I soon predict commuters making the most of their own ‘Wild World’ with this cheeky little number called the ‘Suburban’..

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