Vina Rose is a television star, singer, actress and performer, who has just made the life-changing decision to leave Italy behind to begin a new chapter in the UK. A choice that has supplied her with ample opportunities to stun new audiences with her forthcoming and fitting EP Crossroads.

In Italy, Vina Rose is a recognisable face. She’s performed alongside the likes of Italian superstars Andrea Bocelli, Zucchero, Alexia and Giorgia, both across numerous festivals and on television. Similarly, Vina has appeared on TV shows around the world: on the BBC (acting in the production Victoria and Albert -The Royal Wedding) and ITV as well as hugely popular worldwide hits such as Dancing with the Stars and MTV Unplugged. Despite these massive achievements, Vina opted to leave the comforts of her Milanese base and move to London where she could share her talents with a larger, more diverse audience.

Crossroads has tracks which alternate between elegant ballads to EDM pop to soul and rock, incorporating subtleties in each to bring her own unique sound. The track ‘Crossroads’ reflects on this seismic change in her life which has seen her leave behind a successful career in Italian media to perfect her craft in London.


Crossroads looks to build on the critical acclaim of her 2019 single ‘Breathe Again’, a song labelled as “Beautifully atmospheric new pop” by Music Week Presents.

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