With the black charts being dominated by major stars like Beyonce, Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion, you may think there’d be no room for underdogs. Well think again because this week British Virgin Isles born and bred JayQ the Legend has snagged the number 2 spot, leaving the big stars playing catch up to his recently released summer anthem ‘Amazing Girl’.

Speaking about the success of the track, JayQ shared his happiness that a song about celebrating women was nearing the top spot:

“I hoped this song would catch quickly, it is time we celebrate and respect women, and show them how truly amazing they are!”


Having climbed from the 3 places from number 5 spot last week, it leaves us wondering if ‘Amazing Girl’ will reach that number 1 spot next week?!

With the track’s stellar official music video just days away from release, ‘Amazing Girl’ fever is set to soon take over the UK. Until then you can check out the feel good lyric video here:

We’ve got a lot of making up to do for lost time this summer – so make this summer anthem last and keep your eyes peeled for what JayQ the Legend will breakthrough with next!

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