Composer John Young made good use of his time stuck waiting for a long haul flight from Western Australia to London by writing Laura Mitchell’s stunning and suitably named single ‘Killing Time’. With a sound that blends the styles of Ray Charles and Adele, Laura’s vocals, alongside pianist David Bennet, bring John’s vision to life by giving it a fresh and uniquely gripping sound.

Laura’s instant connection to the track gives it a timeless quality as well as her choice to adapt it to suit her own style. The tracks atmospheric piano, thoughtful songwriting and crescendo of emotive vocals makes it a must listen for fans of a good power ballad. Speaking on her experience as a musician and thoughts on the track, Laura explained:

“I didn’t see this coming or work towards it. I am in a wedding band. At weddings, many people ask ‘Do you perform your own stuff? or say ‘You should go on X Factor’. I didn’t have plans for that. I used to write music in my teens but worked off most of that angst and sadly stopped writing music when I started learning about it at Uni. I suffered from stage fright for a long time, but through the wedding band, the ability to put on the dress and heels and become a rockstar singing other people’s songs, I become someone else. It’s nice for me to become vulnerable again with a chance to show off the softer side of my vocals”.

Laura Mitchell

‘Killing Time’ is due to be released next week, so make sure to follow Laura on social media to be the first to listen to this striking new track.


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