Multi-talented singer and instrumentalist Jon Scott captures the chaos of today’s society in his new EP ‘Freedom – A New Jerusalem’. Through a diverse blend of jazz, soul and Afro-pop, Scott’s upcoming record aims to encourage people to come together to stand against racial prejudice and social injustice. His powerful tracks celebrate the good in people, regardless of their background, creating an uplifting sense of unity.

Issues highlighted by Covid-19, the Black Lives Matter movement and Donald Trump’s will to build a US/Mexican wall are just a few of the moments in time that inspired the latest single that goes by the same name as the EP. The death of George Floyd and further race-fueled atrocities particularly gave the track a new meaning for Jon.

Alongside producing a host of hard-hitting tracks, Jon balances music with his day job as a top-lawyer with his own firm. He moved to England as a child but his music is strongly inspired by the sounds of his homeland (particularly Afrobeat Godfather Fela Kuti), while his sound is also blended with his love for legends such as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

You can listen to the title track ‘Freedom – A New Jerusalem’ as part of the EP set for release later this year. Give Jon a follow on social media to be the first to know when the full EP is released.

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