We’re super excited to be bringing you our next Weekly Wordsmith feature on the incredible Joseph Bell.

Joseph Bell is an eccentric singer-songwriter, inspired by weird and wonderful legends such as David Bowie and Kate Bush.

Bell fuses a classic acoustic style, with innovative electronic elements to create a truly original sound and tone to his Music.

Our initial introduction to Joseph Bell was his single ‘Dancing Days’, a smooth acoustic track featuring bright guitars and Bell’s softly rough vocals.

Listen to Dancing Days HERE

We were fortunate enough to catch up with the talented Joseph Bell to find out a little more about ‘Dancing Days’. He comments-

‘I actually wrote the first version of ‘Dancing Days’ about two or three years ago. It was about feeling like I’m never doing enough, spending time with my friends or enjoying life when I should be spending more time doing music.

I’ve only started to accept that you can’t force it and it’s better to enjoy life than putting too much pressure on yourself! Working on the song helped me relax. Earlier this year, I had a session with Tsatsamis, who produced the track.

I’d struggled to find the right production for the song, but he had some amazing ideas so we recorded the guitars and went from there. Then we finished it over lockdown – I rewrote the chorus and recorded the vocals in my bedroom!’

If there’s one positive thing to come out of the recent global pandemic it’s the influx of incredible songs, written, recorded and produced whilst the world shut down for a few months.

Dancing Days is one of these songs, emotive yet smooth the single is the definition of easy listening. The perfect track to soundtrack a slow Sunday afternoon and definitely one to pop on your favourite playlist.

So how does Joseph Bell go about creating such quality tracks?

“The process is pretty different each time! I’ve recently started writing over beats a lot more, but I still write most of my songs on guitar. Sometimes I come up with an idea on my laptop and then transfer it to guitar, or the other way round.

Sometimes it’s a sound or a sample that gets things going. I usually write the music first and the lyrics after that, but I think it’s important to keep the process fresh.”

With the full Dancing Days EP due in October of this year & a new single in September, there’s plenty of exciting things on the horizon for Bell.

‘I’ve got so many songs hidden away but it’s about finding the right people to help bring them to life too.

There’s a lot of people I’d love to collaborate with – I’m planning to start DMing anyone I like who comes up on my Spotify playlists! I’m really trying to make as much music as I can right now and keep improving.’

Check out Joseph Bell’s song recommendation HERE!

‘Anything from the new Another Sky album ‘I Slept on the Floor’. It bangs. I especially love ‘Tree’ and ‘Fell in Love With the City’. The whole album is amazing though, epic vocals, dreamy guitars and really intricate production.’

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

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