The Ausy Indie-Alternative rocker Josh Kroehn delivers another stripped back acoustic gem with the track ‘Never Found’. Reminiscent of You Me At Six’s acoustic version of ‘Stay with me’ the mix of this track creates a similarly cold space and repeated lyrics give a sense of restlessness. The loose arrangement of this song and the thoughtful lyrics makes the reflective sentiment known.

Sweet humming half-way through lends itself well to the feel and flow of the track and honest, and sometimes cryptic, lyrics about change and self consciousness make the listener wander what feelings Josh invoked to deliver this track. Described by ‘The AU Review’ as being ‘Like the crackle of a flickering candle…’ there is indeed a solemn and gentle nature felt by any listener. You can tell josh has progressed through states over the recent years and it’s anyones’ guess what’s gonna be next from this talented artist…
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