Brooklyn based hip-hop and R&B recording artist Jovian creates a sound different to what you’ve ever heard before. Having been born with a rare disorder, synesthesia, he’s able to smell, taste, hear, feel and see colours in his head that he’s never seen before, giving him a unique outlook on life that he stunningly portrays through his music. He proves this in his new track ‘Better’ which follows after the success of his first single ‘Timothée Chalamet’ and is accompanied by an effortlessly cool music video, which you can watch below.

‘Better’ is the ideal track for your summer playlist, giving sunny afternoon BBQ vibes with it’s bouncy beats, soft guitar and dreamy synth soundscape created to guide you on a musical journey, while retaining it’s catchy, earworm energy.

Before finding his muse in music, Jovian attended acting school for 11 years where he met Timothée Chalamet, who became the inspiration behind his first hit. Acting gave him the skills and ability to pour vulnerability into his songwriting, creating honest storytelling exploring his struggles with mental health, which lead him to creating music as an escape, allowing him to vent his frustrations into creativity. Speaking of his experiences with mental health, Jovian said:

“In 2013 I was sitting on the toilet and a passing thought came where I told myself: “Maybe I should take [anti-depressant] Lexapro?” and in that moment I promised myself I would either kill myself right there in the bathroom or choose happiness. There was no way I was going to allow myself to feel ‘faux happiness’ from a pill and be a slave to the pharmaceutical industry. Clearly I chose happiness because I’m here currently speaking about it. From that day on I promised myself I’d use music and any other art form as an outlet for my mental sensations.

Since then, it’s my duty to not only expose Hip Hop to people who are ignorant or hateful towards this genre that saved my life but also expose artistic outlets to kids who deal with what I dealt with mentally but may not be encouraged to create or even think about their feelings. I cannot allow kids, especially kids of colour, to feel alone during those times”


You can stream ‘Better’ as well as all of Jovian’s other tracks on Spotify below and make sure to give him a follow on social media to see what this one of a kind rising artist will come out with next.


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