Blocked by many a celebrity and banned on Twitter for their impersonation of the controversial Katie Hopkins, Karl Phillips and The Rejects have been challenging pop culture left, right and centre.

Ingurland is the latest single from Punk-Ska band Karl Phillips and The Rejects, who take on the nation as they call out political incompetence, crackpot conspiracy theorists and right-on hipsters.

Dedicated to not taking themselves too seriously, nobody is safe with Karl Phillips and The Rejects on the scene.

The satirical group explain the meaning behind new track Ingurland:

“The track relates to our awareness that many people live in a negative bubble and use adversity to further their own agenda. The chorus line of ‘you say you love the poor but you really hate the wealthy’ personifies this, where people say one thing but their agenda dictates they really mean something else”.

The stand out track is accompanied by a hard hitting and thought provoking video which sees Karl impersonate a racist, a hipster and a conspiracy theorist, bringing together groups that he sees to be playing parts in turning England into a country which is far from happy and glorious.

Ingurland is a gritty and raw punk-inspired track, infused with all the funk of ska, and the street-wise nature of Hip-Hop. Karl Phillips and The Rejects demand to be seen and heard.


Written By: Jessica Rowe

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