If you’re a classical musician and don’t know the name Mustafa Khetty, now’s the time to learn his name!

With Orchestras being shut down worldwide due to COVID-19, Classical Composer Mustafa Khetty is helping those out of work by getting them to record parts for his new release ‘Solace’.
Appealing to classical musicians worldwide, especially to those in areas most affected by Coronavirus, including Italy and Iran, Mustafa is recording his new single ‘Solace’ whilst avoiding the need for direct human contact.
Asking musicians to record with their home recording equipment, Mustafa provides the music, individual tracks and written music and then collates the record parts in post edit, all without any people coming into contact face to face!

“Solace for Humanity is an experiment to invite instrumentalists and vocalists to re-record parts as well as play individual parts with improvisations from their home studios. Ideas would be incorporated into a longer overture. It’s about exchange, collaboration, co-creation and sharing. Lockdown isn’t lockout, our lives are in our heads, we live in thought. Creativity, idea generation, imagination is the hallmark of our being. The coronavirus has made us truly digital natives cruising in uncharted terrain, realigning our work and engagements”.
Mustafa is looking for more musicians to get in contact him to take part – If you are a classical musician looking for work, contact Mustafa Khetty via email here: submit@mustafakhetty.com

Listen to an early demo of the track made with synthetic strings before Mustafa collates the records which he is sent below:

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