The whole world may bestruggling together at the moment but sadly communities and cultures seem more divided than ever. Kyra Jinx is hoping that her music will bring people together as she releases her new single 1 on 1.

Already a hit in the gaming world and with 600 followers on Twitch, 11,000 followers on Facebook and with 180,000 views on YouTube, Kyra is dedicated to interacting directly to communities of friends and fans, committed to entertaining, informing and listening to people around the world, regardless of background or personal views.

Yep, that’s right, Kyra is exactly what us and the rest of the world need right now and her music gives us some fresh optimism and positivity we are desperately craving at the moment.

Have a listen to the new hit by Kyra Jinx

Check her out on social media below, we’re sure her infectious energy, good vibes and epic music will drag you out of any lockdown grump. Thank us later!







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