Talented singer Laura Mitchell has released a stand out single titled Killing Time, and its origins are unconventional to say the least.

When stuck waiting for a long-haul flight from Western Australia to London (sounds like hell right?), talented composer John Young used the unfortunate situation to write one of his best singles yet.

With a melody he just couldn’t shake and lyrics swirling round his head, John Young found himself creating a fully fledged single before he’d even touched down in London.

Opening line “I was never the girl for you” became ingrained in John Young’shead as he flew across the globe to London. Knowing he had a killer track in the works, John Young quickly sought out a talented keyboardist and vocalist whose magic touch would bring the song to life and give us the incredible single Killing Time.

A track that transcends genre, Killing Time has a nostalgic feel infused with a fresh and innovative style that makes the single truly like no other. Possessing a timeless quality, you could easily mistake Laura Mitchell’s smooth vocals on Killing Time for a velveteen single right out of the 1960s.

Laura immediately found herself connecting with the track and, as a wedding singer who rarely gets to touch original pieces, Killing Time was a refreshing change for the talented vocalist. Laura comments:

“I didn’t see this coming or work towards it. I am in a wedding band. At weddings, many people ask, “Do you perform your own stuff?” or “You should go on X Factor” I didn’t have plans for that. I used to write music in my teens but worked off most of that angst and sadly stopped writing music when I started learning about it at Uni.

I suffered from stage fright for a long time, but through the wedding band, the ability to put on the dress and heels and become a rock star – singing other people’s songs, I become someone else. It’s nice for me to become vulnerable again with a chance to show off the softer side of my vocals”.

Killing Time benefits from the talents of some incredible musicians, a stunning songwriter and iconic vocalist. It’s a well rounded, sultry and smooth single that you won’t be able to get enough of.

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

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