Written by: Charlotte Bredael

The fight to get the music industries’ voices heard as been ongoing across the UK over the past few months with campaigns such as #LetTheMusicPlay, #SaveOurVenues and even marches where out-of-work industry crew raised awareness to the drastic need for support.

Now On the Tuesday 11th August 9pm #LightItInRed are asking companies and event locations throughout the UK to join #WeMakeEvents in lighting their building or structure in RED in order to draw attention to the dramatic situation facing our industry after virtually all music and events venues have been closed for the last five months, putting many at risk of permanent closure.

#WeMakeEvents and #LightItInRed are working together once again to co-ordinate buildings across the UK switching to red along with many other events taking place on the same day.

Share your images from the night on social media using #WeMakeEvents and #LightItInRed and make sure to document lighting your building in a short video so the UK can see what really goes into creating an event.

So join now the collective efforts to get the industry’s voice heard, calling for sustained immediate financial support.

For more information on the campaign visit: https://www.lightitinred.co.uk

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