Floridian artist Lil T.O (an old school friend of XXXTentacion) has released his new song Beautiful. Beautiful, expressing a more upbeat side to T.O’s personality, reveals his real personality and a pure summer vibe. Having a Haitian mother and raised in different cities across the US, T.O’s music draws on music from backgrounds of every colour, culture and class.

You can listen to it here:


[Clean Version] – https://soundcloud.com/tb_lil_takeover/lil-to-beautiful-feat-ete-clean/s-YKrMXkLjCP7

Lil T.O has expressed how music has been his escape as a way to convey his more vulnerable side, where in reality he may appear like he is not facing any problems.

“Growing up I know I’ve always been sad and being a guy, you can’t really wear that on your sleeve. Then growing up, I just went through a lot of situations that just ultimately lead to me being where I’m at now… in a dark place. It’s like no matter how hard I try doing good, I’m still the bad guy in every situation and sometimes ignoring the little things don’t help. Dealing with suicidal thoughts and depression, I’d just keep everything to myself and I never knew how to express it better than writing it in music form”

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