We were fortunate enough this week to catch up with the incredible Lisa Danaë, a Filipina-American pop diva who is not afraid to take centre stage.

The stand out singer recently released her power anthem ‘Starlet’, an empowering single all about self love and owning your identity.

This feel good track packed full with fearless female energy instantly caught our attention, and we knew we just had to interview the wonderful Lisa Danaë on the platform.

Lisa Danaë’s musical talent became evident at the tender age of just 3. Raised by her Music loving parents and surrounded by a colourful collection of artists it comes as no surprise that Lisa turned into a powerful Pop diva. She comments-

‘I started singing at the age of 3 and I would line up my stuffed animals and stand on the couch to perform to them. I received my first microphone at the age of 6 and started taking piano lessons at the age of 7.’

A musical upbringing set Lisa on a path to stardom, digesting influence from the greats such as Etta James, Michael Jackson, Queen & Ella Fitzgerald, with the impact of the modern day pop stars Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, and many more.

This blend between classic and commercial influence is perhaps what gives Lisa Danaë such a wonderfully distinct sound and style. A somewhat nostalgic feel that comes with her power pop tracks.

An incredibly talented vocalist, but Lisa doesn’t stop there. The rising star is also an emotive songwriter, using her music to inspire others and express the world as she sees it.

‘My life experiences definitely inspire my writing. There’s so much that goes on in the world and in our lives that someone else is going through, so I’m inspired by the thought that I could help others that may be going through the same thing as me.’

HYM is dedicated to championing women in music and sharing their stories on the challenges they may face and woman in music. Lisa Danaë is no stranger to the struggle of being a female artist. She explains-

As a woman in the music industry, I’ve had men admit they fear how independent I am and I never really knew how to take that. We definitely walk a fine line.

Women are constantly scrutinised and judged off of what we wear, how we act, and what we say. It’s very confusing because they want us to exist, but they also want us to be submissive to men and love to criticise our every move.

It frustrates me how the industry likes to pin female artists against one another too. I think it’s just very important to stay true to yourself and show your support to other female artists as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground and stand up for what you believe in.

Lisa Danaë is an artist brimming with intelligence, talent and potential. A truly exciting act bringing power back to pop and unapologetically herself .

If you haven’t already make sure you give her standout single STARLET a listen.

Check out Lisa’s song recommendation-

‘I love the R&B-style vocals in this one and I love the transition from a slight melancholy production into a mid-tempo, hopeful production to go with the lyrical theme. Also, really love what they created for the animated music video!’

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

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