Born and brought up in Germany but currently living near Glastonbury in the UK, spiritual rockstar Lui Krieg is a man on a mission with his brand new album. Lui takes inspiration from his belief that Mankind can do much better than it is now which is reflected in the lyrics to his songs, in particular his first single ‘Upside Down’.

Inspired by a time in Mexico when he was practicing yoga on the beach, Lui was quite literally upside down in a headstand position when he thought “this world is upside down, let us turn it around”. Working with legendary and top producer Paul Foss on this idea, they decided that ‘Upside Down’ was a great idea for a great song that would reflect the state of the planet at this moment in time and inspire people to make changes the way Lui hoped.

Watch the video for ‘Upside Down’ here

We’re loving Lui’s inspiration and his new tunes and does anyone else think he looks like Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant? Let’s hope this isn’t where the similarities end and the rest of the album reflects Plant’s genius too.




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