In a world that feels pretty crazy and turbulent at the moment, Michael Jones is the newest poet-turned-musician whose lyrics resonate deeply with us. ‘This is the Night’ is the debut single from Michael, which is Produced by Adrian Zagoritis and is the first glimpse of Michael’s three-track EP, to be entitled ‘American Poet’.

Michael is releasing this EP in the wake of his hugely-acclaimed book of Poetry, ‘The Enemy of Everything’, which you can order on Amazon here.

From the ominous vocal which opens the song, through to its ever-building fiery fury and eventual almost quasi-religious sing-along climax, This is the Night is a monumental opening statement from an artist who marries thought-provoking poetry with stirring and emotion-packed rock music. When speaking about his debut single and it’s important in today’s world, Michael said “Perhaps all this boils down to its zenith with one shared summer night when race, sex, religion and sex are stripped of their meaning; when humanity, drawing on its instincts and intellect, surges as “One” to tear down this prison of reality, money, hate, racism and psychological slavery.To survive is to win freedom and the chance for a new Utopia. To lose is to fade from collective existence”.

As Michael looks to follow in the footsteps of some of the great poet-turned-musicians such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, he is set to release ‘This is the Night’, which sees the old order of the world buckling, with humanity joining together to take the chance to construct a new world which is inclusive of all, something that is so topical right now.

Whilst we eagerly await for the release date of ‘This is the Night’ and Michael’s EP, give him a follow on instagram below and why not order his book of beautiful Poetry too as a little taster of the type of lyrics we will hear in the upcoming EP.



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