Award winning singer songwriter Michael Jones has released his latest single Melts Away that is sure to tug at your heart strings.

Extraordinary and emotive lyricism combined with Bob Dylan-like smoothness is quickly becoming the talented Michael Jones’ signature.

Michael Jones has a hunger for songwriting and genuine story-crafting ability, with an authentic style that is hard to find elsewhere.

Renowned for his incredible talent amongst fans and critics, previous singles We Are Soldiers and What is this Life For? became award winning tracks, receiving radio play and rave reviews across the globe.

Melts Away is Michael’s most recent release, an easy-listening track that adds to his reputation as a top tier songwriter. Michael Jones explains the meaning behind vivid new single-

“Melts Away is a song that challenges the overplayed notion that relationships are only ‘real’ if one gives up all of themselves to the other person. This is a song about holding onto what is sacred and personal at the deepest human level. It’s about the core of you that makes you ‘you’, being the deepest source of each person’s unique magic.

It is advice of an unconventional sort, that holds to the foundation of a firm and private self as the temple from which the ability to love another emanates”

Not just a songwriter, Michael Jones has recently published his acclaimed book The Enemy of Everything.

Michael Jones’ moving words have also firmly established themselves in the world of poetry. Like wonderful wordsmiths and true legends Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison Michael Jones has become acclaimed for his vibrant storytelling and enchanting melodies.

Melts Away is the perfect showcase of Michael’s incredible song-crafting and unique lyrical style. An acclaimed songwriter, musician and author Jones’ talent truly knows no bounds.

Listen to Melts Away and see the talent for yourself.


Written By: Jessica Rowe

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