We all have big dreams as children, cooking up the wildest potential careers that often stay as ideals rather than realities. Michael Cooke certainly dreamt of big things, but the multi-talented artist also did big things.

Cooke initially had his sights set on being an Olympian – a hard working athlete who was devastated when an injury signified the end to his olympic dreams. The logical next step for Michael Cooke? A career in Hollywood of course!

Michael soon found himself in the world of acting, achieving success on stage, small and silver screens. Successful but frustrated by the limitation of his roles, Michael sought a new creative outlet.

Music, he feels, is his true creative calling. On his own terms, songwriting allows the talented artist to speak to his audience freely.

Doin Alright is inspired by music from Michael’s childhood, a fusion between 60s folk and indie’s greatest bands, Michael Cooke’s sound is something truly original.

Lead track and first release from the project, Losing My Mind for Nothing, is an indie infused track. Accompanied by an atmospheric music video, the single predicts great things for album Doin Alright.

The full project Doin Alright is due for release on 2nd November.

In the meantime you can listen to the stunning lead single Losing My Mind for Nothing HERE

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

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