The key to what makes a good advert is often down to the choice of music. This can make it memorable for the right and wrong reasons (yes, some can be very annoying!). However, a few songs have been given a second chance at popularity by being chosen to appear in a company’s commercial. So, here are 3 songs that probably wouldn’t be as successful if it wasn’t for an advert!

“Here Come the Girls” by Allen Toussaint – Boots (2007-2008)

Originally written by Allen Toussaint and recorded by Ernie K-Doe, “Here Come The Girls” actually failed to reach the charts when it was first released back in 1970. However, Boots decided to use the song for their Christmas commercial in 2007 which gave the song a new lease of life! It re-charted at No. 43 for 5 weeks in the UK and No. 48 in Ireland. The Sugababes then continued to boost the song’s popularity by releasing their own version, which then reached No. 3 in the UK in 2008. Never underestimate the power of an advert!

“1234” by Feist – Apple IPOD Nano (2007)

This indie-pop tune is from Feist’s third studio album, The Reminder. Before being featured on Apple’s iPod Nano advert in 2007, the song was hitting around 2,000 downloads a week. However, this then skyrocketed shortly after the commercial appeared on our screens, with sales of the song and album soaring to 73,000 a week. The song also reached No. 7 on the Hot Digital Songs chart and No. 28 on the Billboard Hot 100. It remains Feist’s biggest hit single in the US to date, and her only song to chart in the UK top 40.

“In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins – Cadbury (2007)

Still one of those instantly recognisable adverts, Cadbury’s commercial from 2007 features our favourite gorilla playing the dramatic drum sequence from Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”. The song was originally released in 1981 but re-entered the charts and reached No. 14 on the UK singles chart and No. 9 on the UK Download Chart. The advert was an international hit and won the title of Best Ad of the Year at New Zealand’s Fair-Go Ad Awards. You go gorilla!

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Written by: Kate Parry

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