The dark heart of UK Americana Mark Shepherd has released The Grand Scheme of Things – a track filled with mellow acoustic instrumentals, rustic rock vocals and lyrical depth that delves into the existential phenomenon of life.

With elements of the strong solo work of Paul Weller and the introspective content of artists like Tom Petty, Shepherd adds his own twist on rock by eliciting an atmospheric mood of storytelling and a layering of acoustic bliss.

The track looks at the culmination of someone’s life and questions what it means to have made a difference, asking if making a positive impact on a small number of people isn’t just as worthwhile as grander gestures.

A veteran of live circuit, from the UK to New York and Texas, Shepherd is poised to make an immediate impression on anyone with a passion for real music and song-writing and with a forthcoming EP release in early April, Shepherd is one to watch this year.

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