To say these guys are unique is an understatement. From Twitter to household names, Karl Phillips and The Rejects have been blocked by them all. It’s safe to say these guys are no amateurs when it comes to challenging popular culture.

Their new track ‘Ingurlandtakes the listener on a long and winding path, narrated by Karl himself.

Karl explains that the track ‘relates to our awareness that many people live in a negative bubble and use adversity to further their own agenda.’

“The chorus line of ‘you say you love the poor but you really hate the wealthy’ personifies this, where people say one thing but their agenda dictates they really mean something else”.

I have to say, as crazy as it might sound, they’ve absolutely smashed this one out the park.

As the track starts, a ska beat greets your ears, quickly accompanied by a rock guitar. Reading this, I too think it sounds like a questionable combination, but believe me it works.

If that wasn’t enough, the band add yet another layer to their sound as Karl Phillips introduces himself onto the track.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, throwing out insults left, right and centre.

The singer takes aim at a number of groups in society, starting with over-paid footballers; then moving to racists and finishing with a flurry on the do-gooding hipsters who, he believes, are far from altruistic.

As the song progresses, Karl, switches up and begins narrating the lyrics, similar to The Streets track ‘Fit but you Know it’. However, after firing off some more opinions at Covid and conspiracy theorists, we get a taste of the chorus.

Harking back to the start with an edgy guitar, the band provide more of a pop-rock feel, echoing an early noughties vibe.

The track continues along the same premise with Phillips’ tongue-in-cheek humour making it even more enjoyable.

Picture: Karl Phillips (YouTube)

Karl Phillips says what many of us are too scared to say. He brilliantly explores the problems with modern day and does so in a manner that I doubt you’ve ever seen or heard before.

‘Ingurland’ is out now and available to watch on YouTube (contains expletives):






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