Causing a scene and making their presence known all over social media, Karl Philips & The Rejects have already gained a reputation for challenging pop culture but have now turned their attention to challenging the whole country too. Covering everything from political incompetence to conspiracy theorists, the group appear to have it out for anyone in their path.

Their latest single ‘Ingurland’ lashes out at false news and pseudo headlines that use serious, worthy causes to benefit elite agendas.

The track relates to our awareness that many people live in a negative bubble and use adversity to further their own agenda. The chorus line of ‘you say you love the poor but you really hate the wealthy’ personifies this, where people say one thing but their agenda dictates they really mean something else”.

Their latest single sees the band’s frontman play a narrator, a racist, a hipster and a conspiracy theorist, bringing together the sectors of society that in his personal opinion, is affecting the prosperity of England. Taking influence from punk, hip-hop and ska with an added element of humour, the band’s individual style is certainly an unusual step outside of the norm…






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