In this week’s Muso Monday post we explore how sometimes an artist’s musical journey can take a complete change in direction. How we envisaged our career in the music industry will be, may not always turn out the same way. And that’s TOTALLY okay!

This week we’d like to introduce to you an artist who is not afraid to do her own thing, even if that means steering in a different musical direction to where she began.

Singapore based dance-pop artist Jessmo has released her brand new 4 track EP Dance It All Out, and we love it!

Incorporating dance rhythms and beats, without diluting the powerful lyrical content, Dance It All Out shows the artist’s incredible ability to combine genres whilst being unafraid to show feelings and emotions.

At college, Jessmo was bullied for being tall and different, but even these negative experiences drew her to communicate her feelings through songwriting. But we’re so pleased to hear that these days are far behind her –

I’m the happiest I can ever be and I’ll keep continue to bring as much music that I’m proud of to you guys in the coming months. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy this little collective body of work of mine. Enjoy cry dancing your hearts out and stay safe out there!


Listen to her EP here:

  1. Dance it all Out
  2. No Cry
  3. Hope
  4. Love Hold Kiss

Having been classically trained since the age of 5, she sees the piano as her ‘second voice’. However, rather than choosing the traditional route of singer-songwriter artists like Adele, she instead followed her heart and love of dance music. Jessmo uses her heart-felt lyrics to capture her audience within a unique dance-pop setting. And the result is just, brilliant.

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Written by: Kate Parry

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