It’s that time again, we’re shining the songwriting spotlight on another one of our Weekly Wordsmiths. This week is talented artist Ptree.

Ptree (real name Prithvi Prajosh) is from Kerala India, but spent most of his upbringing in Dubai UAE. Ptree credits his start in Music to his Mum, he explains-

‘It all started when my mom quite honestly forced me into learning how to play the keyboard as a kid. Spoiler alert, I hated it. Gosh I hated the classes so much I even stopped.’

But the story has a happy ending as, with the rise of platforms such as Youtube, Ptree became once again hooked on the idea of music. Into his teen years Ptree began to dabble in songwriting, find his sound and express the world as he saw it through Music.

Yet for a long time, music and songwriting was nothing more than a hobby for Ptree. After completing schooling, obtaining a Degree in Computer Science and even working for 2 years in Sales, Ptree finally decided to pursue a career in music.

With some prompting from supportive friends and family, Ptree achieved a place at the world renowned Berklee College of Music.

Since then his music career has skyrocketed, from performing on radio stations, to writing songs for ESPNCrincifo, Ptree’s career has got off to an incredible start.

Ptree’s musical vision is simple-

‘I want to make music I would listen to myself as of now, they’re predominantly piano-driven melodies with a soulful voice’

Ptree’s indie-pop ballads are pure quality, oozing feel good and easy vibes to soundtrack a slow Sunday in the breeze.

There are so many exciting things in the pipeline for Ptree, with a new single “Walking on Mars” coming on 21st August, and second EP due in October 2020 the future is bright for Ptree.

Check out Ptree’s song recommendation!

‘I’ve been listening to a lot of Thomas Ng, an up and coming R&B artist studying at Berklee with me. His newest single ‘Stay’ is so good.’

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

Original Article From Our Friends at Song Writing Spotlight

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