Karen Ruimy is a lifestyle brand owner and a spiritual healer. She is also an undeniable flamenco dancer and jazz singer. Last night, she hosted her debut event, When Jazz Meets Flamenco to a full audience at Soho’s Phoneix Arts Club.

The venue was the perfect seductive environment for Ruimy to put on the show she’s been working on for so long and showcase her art.

Among the sea of recognisable guests was Strictly’s Shirley Ballas and businesswoman Caprice Bourett who all stunned in their respective outfits as they enjoyed the night out in London’s West End.

The event was split into two sections – a display of Ruimy’s handpicked jazz covers, and an intense flamenco routine where she was joined by a captivating professional dancer. Her band featured an array of exceptionally talented musicians, with one standout figure (who Ruimy gave a special mention to during her performance) almost stealing the show. Killing Joke’s Youth was one of Ruimy’s guitarists, and it was visible how much Ruimy appreciated his presence, with her declaring “how lucky [she] was” to have such an iconic figure playing for her.  

(Youth has worked with many incredible musicians throughout his career, most notably Sir Paul McCartney. The pair appear together in the experimental The Fireman duo and have released three albums together.)

After an evening of flowing bubbly and Parisian-style canapés, the many guests looked relaxed and happy as they took in their luxurious surroundings. It was an evening of laughter, music, dancing, and enjoying the finer things in life – Ruimy even gifted her admirers with goody bags filled with luxury items from her lifestyle brand Kalmar. Of course, it was not complete without a copy of her ‘Black Coffee’ album.

Check out Karen Ruimy below!

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