Born and raised in Princetown, New Jersey, Kelsey Colman is the US breakthrough artist set to become a sensation in the UK, perfect for the fans of current reigning queens of pop such as Halsey and Zara Larsson. The brand new music video for her debut single ‘Nobody’ has just been released, perfectly complimenting the tracks delicate ambiance with a stripped-back, personal feel that highlights Kelsey’s vocals and lets the music do the talking.

Kelsey uses her music to explore important issues such as loneliness and cyber-bullying through vulnerable lyrics that dive deep into her own experiences, inviting the listener into her world and creating an enticing emotional journey. Her debut track ‘Nobody’, explores the emotions and elements of self discovery that emerge alongside a breakup and achieves a personal, genuine feel while still maintaining an uplifting summer sound with the perfect blend of catchy melodies, relatable lyrics and addictive pop beats.

And if that’s not enough, Kelsey has a dance remix coming out soon meaning that you can be armed with a version of her track suitable for any occasion. She also has a new single set to be released in October so make sure to keep an eye on her social medias as this definitely isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from her!


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