So this punk band are out to change your life and make
you think in a different way about some heavy issues, but why else should you

“There’s just so much spirit in that band… and she has
such a great voice as well!” , who said that about them oh , none other than
Alex Baker of Kerrang Radio…Still so what you are thinking well then,
“She’s got an incredible voice” -, says who eh , says who ….oh says….John
Kennedy, Radio X, Ok now your listening yes , well so you should with the new
single Silent Scream out now, but hold on still not convinced then watch the
video and check some links and whilst your their name check some of the band
and what they play …

Silent Screams

Millie Manders: Vox/Ukulele/Saxophone

Alessandro Vitiello: Drums

James Pendle: Guitars

Georgina Boreham: Bass

Dominic Walker: Sax/Trumpet/Synths







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