You’ve heard of Brown Eyed Girl, you’ve heard of Mysterious Girl, but you may be yet to catch on to “Amazing Girl”, JayQ the Legend’s latest hit in celebration of the female persuasion.

We caught up with JayQ and asked him to shed some light on the record, in case you were struggling to decipher the underlying message “Amazing girl is an amazing song about amazing girls. It’s just that simple.”

It’s great to see a subversion of some of the less honourable depictions of women in music. And with an infectious rhythm to boot.

“I believe we need to treat women better in our lives. So that’s my own personal campaign to make this world a better place, by elevating the women in our lives.”

The upbeat, euphoric summer anthem has climbed 3 places in the black charts this week, now residing at number 2. “Amazing Girl” is the follow up from JayQ’s breakout single “Body Talk”, which reached number one on the Billboard Reggae Digital Song Charts.

Stay tuned to check out the accompanying music video, landing soon.







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