Bright Garden are a three-piece alternative rock band, hailing from Milan, formed with the noble intention of adding some much needed soul into the alt-rock scene. And we don’t mean the genre ‘soul’ (that would be a bit too experimental, even for us as music writers!) but the true expression of emotions.

The band feel that alt-rock has lost its emotional core since the earlier grunge scene, which they believe died along with Kurt Cobain. Bright Garden wanted to make music that flowed directly from the soul, free from any biases of unwanted genre-influences. Their goal is musical freedom on a metaphysical plane: a stark contrast to the manufactured and often pose-y elements of the modern rock scene.

Their latest album ‘The Light’ offer worldly-wise insights into both matters of the heart, the mind of the ever-after – does God really exist? This is not the sound of a snotty punk band shouting bland expletives which are soon to be forgotten but an album where the songs look at real issues affecting real people – where is the next meal coming from? Is the path to true love really that straight forward?

Thoughtful stuff.






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