A sea shanty, chantey, or
chanty is a type of work song that was once commonly sung to accompany labor on
board large merchant sailing vessels. The term shanty most accurately refers to
a specific style of work song belonging to this historical repertoire. However,
in recent, popular usage, the scope of its definition is sometimes expanded to
admit a wider range of repertoire and characteristics, or to refer to a
“maritime work song” in general.

Of uncertain etymological origin, the word shanty emerged in the mid-19th century in reference to an appreciably distinct genre of work song, developed especially in American-style merchant vessels that had come to prominence in the decades prior to the American Civil War. So now we have wikipedia’s view point , take your slippers off, put on your oil skin or what ever it is fisherman wear and learn to love and give a big hug to Roly our favourite sea shanty composer, he is truly excellent.

Hailing from Peckham, London,
though currently based in East Portlemouth on the South Devon coast during the
lockdown with his heavily pregnant wife, Roly Witherow has composed for
television programmes such as BBC’s hit, Who Do You Think You Are? and Channel
4’s On the Edge as well as for films such as 2014’s Gregor; Sex Ed (2017) and
Try (2018). Ballads and Yarns was written and recorded in Roly’s own home
studio and was mixed by Joao Noronha in Brazil (where his wife hails from). A
nod to the past, present and future, Roly Witherow’s Ballads and Yarns is 21st
Century folk music in all its glory.


Foreword (Witherow)

Lord Franklin (trad.)

Wedding Song (Witherow)

Row Bullies Row (trad.)

Carousel (Witherow)

‘Ow Bist Satan (Louis Thompson/Lily Hurdman)

Derry Gaol (trad.)

Paean to Earthly Things (Witherow)

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